It is said that who is able to start up a business in Brazil will be successful in opening a new business anywhere in the world. Sceptic by my inexperience, it has been two years since I finished my luggage and left to Curitiba, capital of the Parana State, to see it with my own eyes. Professionally educated within the International Trade for sporting goods area, some special bike components and spare parts designed and produced in Madrid were the chosen ones to accomplish my market experiment.

By the hand of the prestigious ESIC Business and Marketing School, my first import, distribution and marketing project for those sporting items was successfully developed in Brazil.

Nowadays, over two years after, I can confirm that being an entrepreneur of a foreign firm in the country of the Samba it is truly difficult. Both a life and professional challenge!


My name is Ruth Saiz, Madrilenian of Castilian parents and my inseparable sister, great companion on my adventures. Being a positive person is one of the main features of my personality, although I have occasionally heard that I have a strong temper.. not sure what it means but surely it is something good! Friend of my friends, restless traveller, curious, I love drawing, pocket novels, water sports, bicycles, I am passionate by the Arabian aesthetics, rock and roll, reggae music, hiking in the mountains, getting a tan renews myself, beauty lover, there is nothing bigger than the nature… but above all, above all, I am in love with my own country.


In my determination for understanding different points of view, there have been five years in all, which I have invested among England, Ireland, France and Brazil, growing up, learning and enriching myself with the experience. After these last years of Brazilian immersion and observation, not only I got to successfully finish the project but also I have discovered fundamental values that I have wanted to bring back with me.

The Brazilian person loves Brazil; any countryman (or woman) is all the time a champion of his country, in and out of it, always defending his cause in spite of being right or not, because his reason is in his green and yellow heart. Well, five years have taken to me to realize how much I love Spain, in spite of its disorders and corruptions. This country, the people living here, is very worthy in every sense. Putting together all our skills, our know-how and our strengths we will make it happen and we will prove it. My compatriots are the best, not only in the ring, or the tennis court, the green, swimming pool, field or pitch but also we are stylish and we have loads of potential to design and create, start from scratch, fight to innovate, invent new high standard sporting goods. Enough of saving the Latin temper exclusively for those bed moments, we have passion enough to re-start, to re-make up ourselves, to fall down and stand up with class, always in good mood, full of creativity.

The Blog and the Website

Convinced that one of the most realistic ways of facing this annoying crisis is to export our wonderful national product made in Spain, I would like to share with this Blog and the knowledge based on my professional experience in international commerce, all the information that I can compile about foreign markets. With the website and in a totally decisive way, I put the disposal of any Spanish SEMs that is in the need of building a distribution network abroad, specially related to the sporting goods that we love. In one word, I roll up my sleeves and I walk with you through the adventure that is to export, to import, to internationalize your company, to expand your business around the world.

Comments, suggestions, corrections, collaborations are well received, furthermore, necessary. So if you think that you have something to contribute with, speak up; if you are interested by any particular sporting industry or country, any subject related, speak up that I get on with it. Definitely, talk to me and let’s make it happen!

To contact me, please fill up the form in the “contact page” or look for me within the social networks. Thank you very much.