Expórtate Bien, your partner in foreign commerce.

Are you a SME manufacturer or supplier looking to export to any country around the world? Are you considering entering a new international market? We offer our expertise in foreign commerce across the five continents, where exporting goods is a good business! We are experts in the Spanish market.

How Expórtate Bien works:

  • We study your company and products intently in order to create a customized feasible international plan.
  • We select potentially profitable markets and choose the most suitable marketing channels for your products.
  • We identify direct competitors and analyze theirbehaviour and market position. We undertake benchmarking.
  • We will calculate the fixed import-export costs associated with exporting your products: to include documentation processes as well as duties, taxes, shipping and any other costs associated with bringing your product to the market.
  • We advise on labelling, tagging, containers and packaging.
  • We help you develop a distribution network for your brand through strategic market alliances, commercial agents, commission agents, importers, local partners, B2B distributors and marketplaces.
  • We adapt the features and image of your product to the local market.
  • We make commercial offers on your behalf and send samples. We arrange pricing quotations where required.
  • We will help with issues of payment such as helping arrange commercial letters credit, stand by and other payment guaranties
  • We can design and advise on your after sales support service.
And also, Expórtate Bien:

  • Organizes prospect trips in the countries concerned.
  • Ensures your presence at the main trade fairs.
  • Arranges meetings with your customers in Spain.
  • Writes and negotiates contracts and commercial agreements, copyrights, etc.

All this for a monthly rate much lower than the cost of recruiting an Export Manager!